Wizards of the Coast threaten family according to article on Kotaku

Read the article from Kotaku here

With these kinds of tactics and their recent history, there is nothing that makes me want to give WOTC or Hasbro my money. Someone give me a shout when D&D is sold out to another company until then, can I suggest any of the following games for your consideration.

Pathfinder 2e

Pathfinder 2e

Amazing, fantasy TTRPG, all the good from D&D with less pain for the GM.

The beginners box is one of the most well thought out introductions out there, comes with everything you need including paper minis and maps.

Pathfinder 2e

Did I mention all the rules are available for free with the publisher’s blessing?
Archives of Nethys


Punk fantasy? Amazingly crafted rule book? Like your fantasy more the dark side?

Pick up a copy here

here on Drive Thru RPG

Or try something completely different...

Call of Cthulhu

Ancient evil, terrible cultists and character progression that are simple and well thought out.

Pick up Call of Cthulhu here


When I asked the TTRPG for the best scifi system, this one came up so many times I had to check it out.

It’s currently pay-what-you-want while it’s in early access, so grab a copy now.

Check out Mothership here

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