Faerun Calendar – Free Download

Following the interest in the Importance of Time article I thought that a printable calendar for Faerun might be something people find useful, so decided to make one. 

Turns out it’s not as easy as I imagined it would be but here’s the finished result.  Feel free to print a few copies for your group to help track their time in the Forgotten Realms.

UPDATE 2022:
There have been a few updates to this calendar since it was first released here and on DMs Guild, from now on I will only be updating the version on DMsGuild.

The calendar is available, pay-what-you-want, which you can set for $0, on DMs Guild.

It also contains a printer friendly version with no paper texture background.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi, Really like the calendar.

    Just thought id point out that there is a typo.

    Its Mirtul not Mitrul for the Melting 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for publishing this. The 10 day “Rides” make Faerun’s time keeping a little odd, and this calendar will help with time keeping (and save me having to make one myself)

  3. AMAZING calendar this helps so much!

    I was curious if you’d consider to implement the lunar cycle into the calendar as small little moon icons in the corner of their respective dates? Preferably only showing the full moon, new moon, and maybe first/third quarter moon phases. Additionally, maybe you could also include the dates of the Winter/Summer solstice and Spring/Autumn equinox? 🙂

    But regardless of that the calendar is very well made and I will definitely use it in my campaign!

    1. I left the lunar cycle off since generally IRL they don’t match the months directly so should shift and this is based on FR lore so I figured better to allow people to add their own rather than subject them directly to my dictate.

  4. Hello, this is AMAZING but could you explain the seasons for instance when is it spring, summer, fall and winter the four seasons.

    1. Midwinter > Winter
      Greengrass > Spring
      MidSummer > Summer (The equinox)
      HighHarvest > Autumn

      For more information I’d check out the sword coast reference book from WOTC

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